Learn about Technical SEO & Local SEO at UnGagged Masterclasses

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Because in SEO one never stops learning, and if you are new in the business learning things might seem ridiculously hard, UnGagged has decided to team up with leading authorities in Digital Marketing to offer a series of amazing hands-on tutorials and workshops. Learning from Technical SEO and Local SEO professionals has never been easier than it is now thanks to UnGagged’s immersive and extensive Masterclasses. These classes are designed to offer tailored guidance, expert knowledge, and actionable methodology.

The Ungagged team promises that their Masterclasses will answer plenty of difficult questions and provide personalized and comprehensive advice and guidance from the world’s best SEO professionals. After attending the Ungagged.com Masterclasses, return to work being up-to-date with fresh insights and trade secrets that will improve your business.

If you are considering staying an extra night for the UnGagged Masterclasses, you should know that you can get 3-night Caesars Palace room packages. Furthermore, the UnGagged Masterclasses will consist of 1-day events that will take place in a comfortable and an intimate classroom-style environment where attendees will have the chance to learn the intricacies of technical and local SEO. They will also learn how to launch successful campaigns both in-house and as SEO agencies. Lunch is also provided by the UnGagged team and there will be plenty of Networking opportunities before and after the workshops.

The in-depth Local SEO UnGagged Masterclasses held by Greg Clifford – VP of Search – DealerOn, Inc. will take place on November the 7th and will cover the following topics:

  • The main differences between regular and local SEO;
  • Recent updates and changes in local SEO;
  • Aspects that influence local SEO rankings and relevancy;
  • Local link building – the best ways to approach link, what are the most beneficial links, and notions about link building workflow;
  • Local content – writing the appropriate type of content for sites, on-site local optimization, different content strategies that target locations;
  • Citations – what are citations and why are they important, how to optimize citations and build additional ones;
  • Google My Business – claiming and optimizing, tips and tricks for better results, using different features such as Google Posts;
  • Reviews – the importance of Google Reviews and how the algorithms work, how to get good reviews and how to respond to reviews;
  • Social Media – the right way to do social media (yes, you can do social media wrong);
  • The importance of staying up-to-date in local SEO;
  • How to sell your services to people who’ve never heard of local;
  • How to be productive in Local SEO.


The in-depth technical SEO UnGagged Masterclasses held by Bastian Grimm – Peak Ace AG’s CEO & Director Organic Search will take place on June the 13th and will cover the following topics:

  • Technology: HTTPs/SSL, JavaScript SEO, Angular, React, Mobile First Indexing.
  • Speed: The importance of Site Speed and new performance optimization techniques and strategies.
  • Crawling & indexation: How to control web crawlers, meta tags and canonical tags, crawler control techniques, crawlability and crawl gap auditing and analysis, Google indexes, the difference between crawlability and indexing.
  • HTTP response codes: key obstacles & other important facts (3XX redirects, maintenance, domain migrations and redirect chains, 4XX redirects, 5XX redirects, how to handle error codes, etc.)
  • Internal linking: What are the best internal linking practices, how to identify opportunities and weak spots, how to control links, how to do pagination correctly.
  • International aspects of technical SEO (Hreflang and geo setups, Multi-domain setups)
  • Latest updates in technical SEO


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